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Understanding Your Salvation in Christ

By Damon Banks


            Many people have understood salvation from many different angles. Salvation is like a diamond and as you look at it the light separates within it and causes a magnificent rainbow of many colors to be seen. This is the color of light that the Spirit of Christ has shown me. I pray that it will unveil another facet of this beautiful diamond called salvation in Christ Jesus.

            Before we look at the process of salvation let me first speak to you about the fullness of this salvation. In short, Christ Jesus took upon Himself ALL sins and ALL the product of what sin causes for EVERY human in the WHOLE world for ALL time. This happened at the cross. He paid for a complete redemption of fallen mankind. When He said on the cross, “It is finished.” He meant, “It is finished.” All of what He could do to fully restore mankind had been done. God thought of everything when he sent His Son to die on our behalf. His death took our; sin, sickness, poverty weakness, sorrow, grief, etc… (Isa 53, Rom 6-8, 2 Cor 8:9). But the great news is that He rose again and has given us a way to live in His life on this earth. Because all of fallen mankind has been done away with on the cross we can enter into His life. We no longer have to live in the effects of fallen man, because He has made it possible to live in His new life, in this life

            Having said all that let’s take a look at two truths that were essential to me when I learned about this precious salvation.

  • We are “IN CHRIST!”

This reality must be the foundation of our lives. We receive His life, the life of the Only Begotten Son of God. Apart from Him there is NO salvation! All that He is, we were called to be. All that He is, we now are, because we are IN HIM! Scriptures speaks of us being partakers of the Divine nature, 2 Pet 1:4; one with Him in spirit, 1 Cor 6:17. Let me point out two things:

    • We are not God, though Christ is God. He is the second part of the Triune God.  

    • We are the Fullness of man with the divine nature. John 10:34-38, 1 Tim 6:6, 2 Pet 1:3,6,7, 2 Pet 3:11. Christ’s life is not to elevate us to be God, for God is God alone, but His life, in us, as the Son of God, makes us sons of God, and it is to elevate us to what God intended for us when he created mankind in His image and likeness. We are man and will always be man, Rev 21:3, the end of the Book of Revelations says that, but there is a god-ness or a God-likeness in which God intended for His sons and daughters to walk in and operate in. This is what Scripture means when it says that we are to be like Him.We are to re-represent Father God on this earth.

  • We are a Tri-part being

We were made with a spirit, soul and body. We are not just “spirits having a human experience.” We are fully spirit, soul and body. Therefore, Christ’s work of salvation was for our whole being; spirit, soul and body. We must understand this tri-part truth in order to understand the process of salvation.

The Original State of Man   

            When God created Adam and Eve, their whole being spirit, soul and body operated in unity and that unity was in union with the Creator, God. Their influence was their spirit which was in unity with God.

First Adam

  • Spirit, soul and body all in unity with the Holy Spirit.


  • Holy Spirit and man’s spirit were in perfect communion with each other. The spirit communicated the ways of God to the soul.


  • Man’s spirit, soul and body all worked together. There was good communication between them.


  • Man’s spirit possessed the life and breath of God.


  • His soul possessed knowledge of God and His way.


  • Spirit was master, the soul served the spirit, and the body served the soul.


  • The spirit expressed itself through the soul and the soul through the body.


The Fall of Man / The Present State of Unregenerated Man

           At the fall of man, when sin entered the frame of man, by his own choice, sin immediately brought death to our spirits. The spirit didn’t cease to be, but it was separated from the Life, God Himself. That perfect communion and union with God was broken. Since the influence that came through our spirit was cut off, the whole being started to become darkened by sin and the influence or input reality was received by the emotional soul or the lusting flesh. We became totally disconnected from the Life.

Fallen Mankind

  • Man still is made up of spirit, soul and body.


  • We died in our spirit; that is that it was separated from the life, by sin. No communion.


  • The soul in turn was darkened and cut off from the knowledge of God and His ways.


  • The spirit, soul and body are functioning in disharmony.


  • The flesh is our sinful nature and our father is now the devil. We are under his lordship.


  • The soul is filled and controlled by the information and knowledge received through the five senses.


  • The only thing that flows from us is works of the flesh = sin and that brings death.

Born-again in Christ (immature)

            When we accept Jesus Christ as savior we are born-again in our spirits. In our born-again spirit we are perfectly united with God. We receive the righteousness of Christ and are in right standing with God. Our spirit is one with the Spirit of Jesus Christ, Who is in us. Yet, our soul and body are still darkened and tainted by sin.

            It is in this state that most believers live. They fail to get the salvation which is in their spirits into their souls. The immature believer in Christ still listens to his or her flesh nature, which is the nature still operating apart from God, under the influence of the lusts of the body or the emotions of the soul. (Emotions aren’t bad unless they are controlling you. The Spirit is to influence your emotions.) The direction of the input reality is still outside to inside.

Imature Believer

  • Man’s spirit is born again in the image and likeness of Christ.


  • Communion is restored with God between our spirit and His.


  • Communication between our born again spirit and our soul is still little.


  • The soul is still darkened and must be renewed in the knowledge of God.


  • The body and soul will still continue to be in control if they are not brought into subjection to the Holy Spirit and our born again spirit.


  • The spirit still needs to express itself through the soul and the soul through the body.


  • The flesh is still a major influencer because the soul still chooses to obey the flesh (first Adam Nature).


  • Though the flesh is positionally dead in Christ it still can be lived from.


            Sanctification is the process from immaturity to maturity. It brings the salvation in our spirits and transforms our souls. I believe that the bible teaches us that the soul is an expression of our spirit. The soul proceeds out of the spirit. Heb 4:12 says, “The Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the division of the soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow,” The soul is to the spirit as the joints (bones) are to the marrow. Bones are created from the marrow. So also, the soul proceeds from the spirit. The point of which is that when the Word of God, Jesus, comes and we become born again, the Word separates our spirit and soul and it enables our spirit to be born again.

            Though we are saved in our spirits, we are being saved in our souls and we will be saved in our bodies, Heb 2:11, Rom 8:23. Sanctification happens when Truth transforms our soul (heart, mind) and it causes us to live as Jesus, not a work unto salvation, but a fruit of the salvation. I like calling this impact of Truth “heart revelation”. This term sums up two essentials for sanctification:

  • Heart = The heart is the place in our soul where our core beliefs, which govern our lives, reside. It is not merely intellect but a true heart belief change. Head Knowledge / intellect is not bad yet it is a heart change which is needed.

    • Example:  I can know (intellect) about evolution and even talk about it with insight, but it does not govern the way I live, because I believe in my heart the truth of Jesus Christ and Him as Creator.

  • Revelation = revealed Truth. Truth is a person and He is Jesus Christ. When He is revealed to us by the Spirit of Christ (John 16:13) It is called revelation. This is spoken of in the Greek by the word which we translate as ‘know’. It is a term that denotes knowledge that is gained through experience. Revelation is an encounter with the knowledge of who Jesus is and when that is implanted into our hearts it transforms our soul into His likeness.

Sanctification is a day to day process of renewing our minds, Rom 12:2. Our souls must be transformed through the heart revelation of who Jesus is (who we are in Him), which fully resides in our spirits.

This process of sanctification is the same processes of walking by faith. Faith is produced when the unseen realm, what is in our spirits, becomes the source for our input reality. Faith is not blind. Its eyes see the unseen. Faith is our spiritual senses. Therefore, as we are sanctified our input reality which governs our lives comes from the spirit instead of from the flesh nature (soul and body). 

The Place of Maturity

The place of maturity is the place of the complete sanctification of our souls. I see it this way: because we are finite, that is, we had a beginning, there were only so many experiences of the fallen nature and sin that we could have in our souls and therefore only so much sanctification which can happen. Maturity is when the old self in our souls has been transformed by the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus and renewed into the likeness of Christ Jesus. The person now acts and thinks like Jesus.

Mature Believer

  • The soul and spirit are in complete harmony.


  • The soul has been renewed into the likeness of Jesus Christ.


  • The body is waiting for its redemption, but is under control of the soul, spirit and Holy Spirit.


  • The flesh is still there, yet is rendered fully inoperative through the union of the soul and the spirit by the application of the cross.


  • The flesh will not be eradicated until the body is transformed.


  • This is not a place that we can’t fall from. We still choose to obey the flesh or the Spirit.


BUT, the joy of the place of maturity is not an end but a continuing journey into the revelation knowledge of our Infinite God.  Paul speaks of this place of maturity in Phil 3:7-16. Even though he said that he was perfect / mature (same in the Greek), v. 15, he still said that he had not attained it yet, v.12. What had he not attained? The infinite, intimate knowledge of Jesus Christ, v. 10. In a matter of 4 verses Paul says that He was not perfect, v.12, and then in v. 15 he says that he is perfect / mature. In one sense he was mature being fully sanctified, but that didn’t stop him from still maturing into greater knowledge and being transformed more fully into Christ’s likeness. So the Place of maturity is a place of complete sanctification and of continuing growth in Christ.

Our Body

            The body will not be renewed until it dies, before Christ comes back, Heb 9:27, or it will be transformed when Christ comes back, Phil 3:21. Though we live in a fallen body we do not have to obey its lusts. The body must be brought into subjection to the renewed soul, 1 Cor 9:27. The fallen nature has been rendered inoperative, Rom 6:6. We do not have to obey the old nature of our flesh because we have been crucified with Christ. Romans chapter 6 through 8 deals with this entire subject. Our bodies stop dictating our input reality and instead they obey the spirit in us.

            But that is not all. As we pick up our cross daily and apply it to the lusts of the flesh, our bodies will also experience Christ resurrection life, Rom 8:11. Not that they are transformed but they get to taste of the salvation of Jesus in this life. They get as close as possible. We are called to display God in our mortal bodies. We are called to live free of sin, sickness and poverty in our bodies. This is what living in the new life is all about.

The finality of it all is that we would be completely controlled / influenced by the Spirit of God and our spirit which is in perfect union with God. We must get the flow of influence out of our spirits into our souls and out of our bodies. Our purpose of being a redeemed man is to display this great salvation in every aspect of our lives, by submitting to the leading of the Holy Spirit and letting Him guide us into ALL Truth.

If you would like to learn more about the process of salvation, Watchman Nee ‘The Spiritual man’ is a book I believe to be one the best and most complete work on the subject of salvation, spirit, soul and body.