Kabisa Ministries

Entering the Promise Land

(Walking in Our Identities as Priests)

by Damon Banks


            So much could be said about entering into the promise land and obtaining the promises of God, but I would like to highlight one thing in particular that I believe to be the foundation for obtaining God’s promises. This is the truth of us being a royal priesthood to our God. Our priestly role is foundational to our lives and we see that in Israel it was this priestly ministry which was at the center of them taking their inheritance, the land of promise.

God implemented the priestly ministry in the wilderness by the hand of Moses and Aaron. The priesthood had several purposes but for this teaching we will look at the ministry before the LORD and the carrying the Ark of the Covenant upon their shoulders. We see this priestly ministry in the life Joshua. In Exodus 33:11 Joshua stayed in the temple even when Moses left, “but his (Moses’) servant, Joshua, the son of Nun, did not depart from the tabernacle.” It is this truth which I believe marked the second generation in the wilderness. They didn’t have the influence of the Egyptian, slave mentality like their fathers, but the influence of their lives was the priestly ministry which ministered before their God. Though all of Israel did not go into the tabernacle, the priestly ministry and the presence of God was the center of their lives. Joshua, who would later take them into the promise land, ministered before God. Lesson one: Ministering before God in your priestly identity serves as the starting point for leaving the wilderness.

When people serve God in the priestly ministry something happens to them; their perspective changes. The second generation had a proper perspective on the promises of God and the promise land. When Joshua sent spies into the land they came back with a ‘God perspective’ report, “Truly the LORD has delivered all the land into our hands, for indeed all the inhabitance of the country are faint hearted because of us.” They saw the promise land in the light that their fathers didn’t. They saw themselves on the side of the bigger God, not grasshopper to the bigger giants. Lesson 2: Only a proper perspective on God and His promises can lead us into a victorious view of the promise of God.

Only when we have the right perspective on God’s promises is God able to give us marching orders. God spoke to Joshua and told him that the priests were to carry the Ark of God’s presence into the water even though the Jordan River at this point was overflowing its banks at this time. When the priests stepped into the water the entire river was dried up and Israel was able to cross into the promise land on dry ground. God makes a way where there is no way. The priestly role is mandatory for entering the promise land as well as obtaining the promises of God. We see that the Ark was carried in front of Israel as they circled Jericho. The presence of God carried upon the priest’s shoulders and on their praises initiated the victory in the promise land.  Lesson 3: Only by carrying the presence of God can we enter in and take the promise land.

The truth of God’s presence going before Israel and on Israel is a symbol of Jesus who has already passed into the promise land and received the victory and now His presence is on us to inherit what He paid for. We go in the confidence of His promises and take what is already ours. Let me encourage you with this; if you have promises from God that have not been fulfilled or if you have been living in the wilderness, of a slavery to the world mentality, then start operating in your priestly role before God. Get into His presence with thanksgiving, praise and worship and start seeing the promises that God has for you from his perspective. Let His presence be the center of your life and let Him lead you into a deeper relationship with Himself. Then we can see His promises come to pass and promise land living a reality in your life. We can sum up these points like this: As we minister before God in our priestly identities, our perspective changes and we get marching orders to carry His presence into every circumstance and obtain what God has promised.